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Andrew Eldritch of Sisters of Mercy interviews Bowie (and is kind of a bastard), 1995

Posted onJanuary 17, 2016 by gigglesmagnolia The Lad’s Insane Tempted by another cheap...

Joy Division — Streaming

Live Paradiso, Amsterdam 1980-1-11 (mastertape,...

Downtempo — Streaming

Playlist | Progressive Ambient, Downtempo, Psytrance, Psychill Music Mix

Metal — Streaming

Doom Metal Radio | Solitude Productions

Folk — Streaming

Celtic Marc Gunn | Playlist on Spotify Viking

Livro: “Brasil, uma Economia que não aprende.”


Translated Lyrics (multi-language) | Helvegen — O Caminho da Morte (Poetic Edda)


Cemitérios | Brasil a sete palmos


Ancient History’s Timeline Search

Search Veja também: Disposta aqui uma cronologia Pré-História > História Antiga do portal Gotik

Raul de Leoni

Fonte: Acontece em Petrópolis Gabriela Mistral, Elizabeth Bishop, Manuel Bandeira, Alceu Amoroso Lima e Raul de Leoni. Esses são apenas alguns nomes de grandes poetas...





How Ronnie James Dio saved Black Sabbath

Source: Louder By Paul Elliott | 2020 Feb 18 Black Sabbath might have lost Ozzy, but they recruited Dio and make one of the greatest heavy metal...

The Sisterhood — Giving Ground (extended remix)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pB6r1WNA1i4 Giving Ground The Sisters of Mercy Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme In the place, through which we wander Reason turned around And every fool Will see his...

The Woman Who Invented Rock n’ Roll: An Introduction to Sister...

Source: Open Culture https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhSIGPra2ss When people would ask her about her music, she would say, “Oh, these kids and rock and roll — this is just...

Green Lung – Woodland Rites (2019) | Full Album


Collection d’Arnell Andréa — Isolation (Joy Divison cover)


A história dos Joy Division: Livro de Jon Savage

Sonic Seducer: A história dos Joy Division: As leituras de lançamento  do livro de Jon Savage acabam de ser anunciadas "Sengendes Licht, die Sonne und alles...


The History of Ancient Greece | Podcast


The Real Spartacus


Mummies, sarcophagus & coffins at Cairo’s Egyptian museum! Pyramids of Giza...

Mummies, sarcophagus & coffins at Cairo’s Egyptian museum! Pyramids of Giza laser light show, Nile dinner cruise. Posted by La Carmina on January 28, 2020 Call me...

Solitude and Self-Realization: Why You Should Spend More Time Alone


How Goth Became Goth


Treze anos como doméstica, quatro sem receber. A escravidão no quarto...

A atriz Cyda Baú, bisneta de escravos, saiu de um quilombo e virou doméstica ainda criança, em troca de comida e roupa, sem saber...

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