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Greek Mythology 3500 BC to AD 2014 | University of Birminghan

Playlist: The History of Ancient Greece | Yale

The End — The Doors’ Existential Epic Veja também:The Doors -- O estilo próprio de uma banda de Rock é pela primeira vez adjetivado de gotico por jornalista cultural

History of the Goths

Playlist: O Mundo Árabe Continuação deste curso: Europa Medieval

The Celts

Why we are living in ‘Gothic times’

Source: BBC By Hephzibah Anderson14th March 2021 There is a surge in goth-lit that channels our fears and anxieties. Hephzibah Anderson explores how the genre's past and new stories delve deep...

James Dean and Rock and Roll as a Youth Culture

"I'm a fan of Dean's for his mystique more than anything else. It's only 'Rebel' that I've ever enjoyed him in. I've seen him in all his movies and...

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