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Agnosticismo e ateísmo

The Subjective Turn

For Hegel, human nature strives through history to unchain itself from tradition. But is such inner freedom worth the cost? Source: AeonWhat is the human being? Traditionally, it was thought...

How John Rawls Became the Liberal Philosopher of a Conservative Age

Source: Jacobin AN INTERVIEW WITHKATRINA FORRESTER With his 1971 book A Theory Of Justice, John Rawls became the most influential political philosopher of his time — just as the liberal agenda he...

Uma reflexão sobre o prazer


O que é Niilismo


Romanticism — Isaiah Berlin

Mark Fisher

Cyberpunk -- Materialismo Gótico -- Músicas Rock e Eletrônica -- Realismo Capitalista -- Pós-Fordismo -- Estética Revolucionária

Friedrich Nietzsche: Why Life Isn’t Meaningless

Source: Medium By Zat Rana In 1900, one of the most profound thinkers of his day was buried in a small town in Germany. He had been sick for over a decade...