UK Decay – New Hope For The Dead

Originally published in 2015 on

by Daniel Olvera

UK Decay is back! This is the return of one classic band, and they have all of its strength and creative energy. “New Hope For the Dead” is a very impressive come back for this veteran band. UK Decay began in the late 70’s and released that split 7” with Pneumonia, which was followed by the unforgettable classic “For my Country”.

Their music experienced mutations with the subsequent singles and EPs and nd finally back in 1981 they released the classic LP “For Mad Men Only”; and the band took a place with such acts like Theatre Of Hate,BauhausKilling JokeSouthern Death Cult, etc.

As a very influential entity for a Dark, and gloomy sound which began to be spawned in the underground scene of the UK. Their next release was “A Night For Celebration”; and sometime later they split up, and two bands rose from the ashes of UK Decay:Furyo and In Excelsis.

In the new millennium they had a remarkable return to the activity, and now we have this new album. With “Shake’Em Up” they prove their point, this is straight forward stuff: The spirit is alive and they have full strength; this opener is electrifying.”Heavy Metal Jews” has great energy too. The rhythm and the riffs, are highly contagious in the chorus. “Next Generation” has this characteristic and somehow experimental sound, which is very into their 80’s stuff.

“Killer” has vibrant rhythm and great bass lines. The voice and the guitar, are driven by this awesome work in the rhythm section. UK Decay at its best. “This City Is A Cage” is one solid argument of their influence for the newest batch of Dark Punk bands, a very unique combination of dark sound and raw power. This is intensity! “Woman With A Black Heart” comes with this 70’s Soul-Funk influence in the rhythm section; and is really interesting and so catchy.

Time for more hot stuff with “Revolutionary Love Song”: This is wild at heart, and it has an untamed spirit. You will love this one. “Shout” is lurking in the shadows at the beginning, and it remains in suspense until the end.”All The Faces In History” is quite simple, but really melodic. You can listen to the guitar, some rhythm machine and the voice; but this one is well done and it has good vibes. “I Feel Good” is very positive with a radiant energy. And finally “Drink” closes this album in such a unique way, the level of intensity increases progressively, leading to the conclusion.

What a great comeback for this classic band. Thanks for the good music.